I have been conducting choirs since 2011, when a long period of intense watching gave way for active performances. The autodidactic learning had started long time earlier but from the moment of my first conducting project, it has accelerated continuously in intensity and depth. Training conducting means often practicing a musical art without access to an instrument or other musicians. To do it anyway requires some craziness and the pleasure to try out new approaches. The determination and focus of this long-term project has become an enormous enrichment of my life. Today I feel priviledged to have found a place where my passion for conducting can make a contribution beyond music and where I am free to shape projects and choir concerts in entirely new ways, emerged in a group of wonderful, creative people.  A warm thank you to all of you who have supported me along the way and who still do.

Coming up:

Since fall 2022, I am working on a program focussing on on human traces in history, our souls and planet earh. We shall present it on multiple sites, if covid rules allow. More details here:

anima nordica kammarkör:

Spår - Spuren, Pfade

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Current engagements:


Project-based chamber choir "anima nordica" for contemporary, predominantly Swedish, a-cappella music.

Running march - june. More details here


> www.animanordica.de


"Norden Runt" -  open project choir for Scandinavian and Baltic choral music in Dresden-Blasewitz.

Running august-november. More details here


>  Norden Runt

Completed projects

Some, information, thoughts and media from former projects and performances can be found  here.

2022-04 >2022-06 anima nordica concert project "Strävan - Streben"

A program examining human sources of initiative, direction and intent. Swedish and norwegian choir music spiced up with Eric Whitacre's epic work "Leonardo dreams of his flying machine"

We sang at our home base Heilig-Geist-Kirche Blasewitz and at Thomaskirche, Dresden Gruna.

2021-08 >2022-0 Norden Runt 2021 project "WAHR SCHEIN LICHT"

A program about finding truth and the place where our light comes from.

Due to covid cancellations we had to postpone concerts for half a year and presented this project at Heilig-Geist-Kirche Blasewitz and in the lutheran church Moritzburg.

2021-04 >2021-06 anima nordica concert project "PERS PEKT IVEN"

A program of nordic sacred music focussing on hope and the energy of life.

Under covid-conditions we sang this concert in quartets at multiple sites around and inside Heilig-Geist-Kirche.

2020-04 >2020-06 anima nordica concert project "sammanhang - Zusammenhänge" - A program showcasing the works of modern swedish lyricists on the interconnection between human fate, our planet earth and the heavens.

Concert behind in Heilig-Geist Kirche due to Covid-19 pandemics. We even contributed to church services in Betlehemkirche Tolkewitz and Svenska Viktoria Församling, Berlin. In memory of the 75 year jubilee of the end of WWII on 8th may, we recorded a video.

2019-08 > 2020-02 Norden Runt 2019 concert project "_ bin ich _" - A program on human identity with music from 7 nordic countries and interweaved short dramatic elements.

Concerts in Heilig-Geist Kirche, Christuskirche Strehlen and Betlehemkirche Tolkewitz.

2019-03  > 2020-02 anima nordica concert project "ansikte mot ansikte - Von Angesicht zu Angesicht" - Swedish and Latvian contemporary choir music that reflected on human encounters. Music interweaved with swedish poems.

Three concerts in Dresden at Heilig-Geist-Kirche, Schlosspark Pillnitz during the cultural festival "Elbhangfest" and together with "dresden jazz trio" at venue "Ecke Nord".

2018-08 > 2019-02 Norden Runt 2018 concert project "7 - Alles beginnt mit einem Anfang, endet mit einem Beginn" in cooperation with graphical artist Jutta Büschkes.

Enthusiastic audience again in our three concerts in Dresden at Heilig-Geist-Kirche, Christuskirche Strehlen and Betlehemkirche Tolkewitz. We collected >2000 Euro for charity.

2018-04 > 06 Starting nordic chamber choir anima nordica in Dresden-Blasewitz

Directing debut concert project "här och nu - here and now"

Contemporary swedish a-cappella music perfomed in two concerts in Dresden. We collected >1800 Euro for charity.

2017-08 >11 Open choir-project "Norden Runt" for scandinavian and baltic choir music in Dresden-Blasewitz

Concert project "Schlafwandlungen" > project description

We ended up as a group of singers with 7 nationalities who performed a 1-hour a-cappella  program in 9 languages. We had our concerts at Heilig-Geist-Kirche Blasewitz and Himmelfahrtskirche Leuben for 700 enthusiastic listeners and collected more than 3000 Euro for charity. This was so much fun that this project will be continued. Stay tuned...

2017-06-17 Charity concert with Chalmers Sångkör in Heilig-Geist-Kirche, Dresden

I only organized this concert. Conducted only one piece in the performance for fun.

2016-12-02/03 Christmas concert with Chalmers Sångkör in Vasa Church, Gothenburg

Directing 1 piece as my farewell to the choir.

2016-06-01 Finalizing 2 years of studies at Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg with degree "Master of Fine Arts in Music with a specialization in Choral Conducting" > program description

As a part of my thesis work, I did video studies of other conductors to analyze what I could learn from imitating their conducting movements. The answer: A gorgeous lot! It was enlightening but much harder than what I could imagine. One fun result of this work is the following > video  (P. S.: My conducting is done from memory and without visual guidance)

2015-10-24 Concert with Chalmers Kammarkör - Körnatta i Vasaaulan > Audio

We performed a very appreciated 10-minute program with title "Det brinner en eld"  ("a fire is burning")

2015-04 Concert with Chalmers Manskör (male choir of Chalmers University)

2014-12-05 Live performance at Radio P4 GBG with Chalmers Sångkör > Audio

Program "P4 Förmiddag" with Hasse Andersson. We performed 5 songs live and got interviewed about the music.

2013-12-06 Live performance at Radio P4 GBG with Chalmers Sångkör > Audio

Program "Radiohuset" with Hasse Andersson. We performed 4 songs live and got interviewed about the choir and the upcoming christmas concerts.

2013-08 Choir conducting master class with Jan Scheerer, Copenhagen

One week on the topics "less is more" and "which conducting cues are really necessary"?

2013-06 Choir conducting master class with Harald Jers and Consono Chamber Choir, Cologne

Special focus on choir acoustic.

2013-05-27 Spring concert "En dröm om våren" with Chamber choir "Corona" > Program

Concert in the beautiful theatre "Aftonstjärnan", Göteborg

2012-07 Studentsommarkör GBG 2012, Antonin Tucapsky, Five Lenten Motets, "Eli, Eli" > Audio

Rehearsals and recording sessions during student choir summer break

Some old recordings...

2012-11-05 My concert-debute as a conductor: Eric Whitacre - Whith a lily in your hand > Video

Chalmers Kammarkör, autumn concert

2011-07 My first "bigger" conducting project: Gregori Allegri - Miserere > Audio

Chalmers Sommarkör 2011

Choir conducting diary